Amap amap : a tool to analyze .MAP files produced by 32/64-bit Visual Studio compiler and report the amount of memory being used by data and code. This app can also read and analyze MAP files produced by the GCC, Xbox360, Wii, PS3 (gcc and SNC), and PS4 compilers. Features Grouping by module, by file, by section, and by memory configuration (GCC) Searching substrings Command line arguments Can be used as a command line tool, although it is still a GUI app Sorting by columns Summary Drag & Drop Works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X Works with Wine on Linux and MacOS X Freeware Command line arguments Usage:

WordNet 3.0 browser

WordNet 3.0 browser This application is a browser of the WordNet 3.0, which is converted to an SQL database by the WordNet SQL project. wnb3 is using a slightly modified version of the wnsql database (a couple of indices is added). Features Case sensitive search List of lemmas Hyperlinks Text view Tree view Ontology Tree view Export text view in PDF format Works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X Freeware Screenshots Installation Download database and application files and put them into one directory.


Alligator Alligator (Alignment Aggregator) : a tool to analyze debugger information .PDB files produced by 32/64-bit Visual Studio compiler and to present information about user defined structures (size, padding, members, etc). Options “Size of empty struct is ONE”. Theoretically, size of an empty structure is ZERO (because it doesn’t contain any data and doesn’t have a virtual table), but if a structure is a member of another structure, then its size has to be ONE, because two different members must have different addresses.